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Det här projektet vill hjälpa till med att få in openSUSE i skolor och utbildningsprojekt.

openSUSE för skolor

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As more and more schools evaluate Linux as a cost-efficient alternative for their running systems in a way that will be "ready for the future of education" and as more and more "homeusers" find out, that their children need a PC (and good PC knowledge) to have a stake in the future. Linux, Linux desktops and openSUSE become more and more useful. It's our job to make it more Educational.

We try to support schools using openSUSE, create and describe additional software-packages for educational projects and create an "add-on" CD for the regular openSUSE distribution. As this is a community driven project, we need you and your help to bring openSUSE into the schools.



As part of the openSUSE project, we fully support the guiding principles and goals of the project as a whole. In addition we wish to:

  • Support schools using openSUSE
  • Create the best distribution for educational use ;-)
  • Create a positive community atmosphere throughout openSUSE
  • Contribute to improving openSUSE as whole

Mål för skrivbordsmiljön

  • Create and describe additional software-packages for an educational desktop.
  • Think about homeusers: add internet filtersoftware for their kids computers.
  • Distribute Kioskmodes for computers
  • Create an "add-on" CD for the regular openSUSE distribution.

Mål för servermiljön


Participating: Team Education News Wishlist Education
Communicating: IRC Mailing lists Submit Bugs
Planning: Meetings Roadmaps Wiki layout guidelines
Development: Edu-CD Roadmap Edu-CD YaST Education
Education Applications: Desktop Applications Server Applications

Externa länkar

  • - Here you can find forums, an IRC-Webclient, our official education repositories for the different (open)SUSE distributions, the ISO image of the Edu-Add-on-CD and a bugtracker for the packages in the education repostitory and the Edu-CD.
  • mEDUXa - Free software for schools on the Canary Islands. Have a look at the right side of this webpage for a screenshot. As you can see they have a special version for kids with only some cards on the desktop.
  • Xplora Karl Sarnow wrote "I would like to point you to Xplora, the European Gateway for Science Education, where we think that Open Source is a great tool."
  • Edubuntu - the Education project from Ubuntu.
  • Debian Edu - The Debian education project called Skolelinux
  • desktop4education - Free server-client solution for Austrian schools